Forthcoming articles: Save ConnectiCon Auction Essay, Review of Rob Balder’s Partially Clips vol. 1, Review of PvP Issue #0, and Review of The Ultimate Melonpool. But special thanks go to Peter Venables for giving me something to update about while I’m busy working my day job.

Peter, or “P to the Vizzle,” as I like to call him sometimes, had a great idea not too long ago. The idea was to start a Peer Criticism community for Webcomic Artists. We all knocked around a few names for the thing, and the Incomprable Wednesday White gave us “The Swift Savage Disassembly of your Self-Esteem.” We liked it as a full title, but we’ve shortened it to Savage Disassembly, or as I like to call it, “SavDis.” Credit goes to Charles Schneeflock for that gem.

It literally just got created. The basic gist is that people will submit their work, collectively or on an installment basis, and the other members absorb it then give their constructive criticism. Simple, and to the point. Membership is on an approval basis, and Peter laid down the ground rules…

“1) You must participate critique of other’s work
2) You must provide work of your own for critique

Which is not to say you have to constantly submit work and likewise submit comments, but the desire is that people who are in the community are there to help and be helped. Thus, this is a community for artists to get together and help each other improve in their craft.”

I’m just happy to have a community based on the idea of maliciously eviscerating the life’s work of everyone else, rather than those other Webcomic LJ communities which seem to only be concerned with self-promotion (Not you, Snarkoleptics, you guys still rock the house).

I’m supposing the group is creators-only. Which will be nice. I know I wouldn’t want some asshole who makes mediocre (at best) webcomics dishing out criticism as if he’s some sort of damned guru of the art.

… Wait.

3 Responses to “SavDis”

  1. Yes as membership is limited to those who actually have work to critique this will be a circle of giving and taking. Those who only crit work are going to have to eventually show their stuff and be subjected to the same criticism. Not that this is *supposed* to be a rude experience, mind. The ideal is to get honest crit without the bullshit sandwich that sometimes comes from online pleasantries and criticism that’s helpful instead of the puerile “You are teh suXXor and teh ghey!” that you might see in other forums.

  2. william G says:

    I joined up, but I’ll be refraining from commenting since I currently don’t have anything online… and the way things are going, that should be some time in 2008…

  3. lucas says:

    I am SO not a livejournaler.