Swashbuckling Abounds

(From Dominic Deegan, by Michael “Mookie” Terracciano)

Gyar… of all comics mine eyes have seen this day that be payin’ tribute to “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” this be the grandest of the lot. The key to victory that Mookie be knowin’ is that a great tribute need not be shoutin’ in its honor. Aye, sneakin’ and subtlety be the victor today. And I’ll keel-haul the man that dares challenge me!

19 Awesome Points™ be goin’ to Captain Mookie for the great shiverin’ of me timbers… I be out of doubloons.


All right. I’ve cashed in my allotted pirate tokens for the day now. If I could’ve just found my damned eye patch I’d've pirated myself up a day of fun and excitement, I can tell you that.

Nevertheless, in addition to shouting from the mountaintops on how awesome Mookie is (for the umpteenth time), I’ve got some just plain old picks of the general variety. Some stuff that’s caught my (un-patched) eye.

The Telethon is now concluded (in the broadest sense), and there were a hell of a lot of comics. I mean a lot a lot. We’re talking upwards of a metric fuckton. I have some personal favorites out of the bunch that I hadn’t mentioned before, but the fact is that the Telethon was just a simply phenomenal event. Maybe take some time out and read through it again, and donate to the Red Cross if you haven’t already.

And don’t forget to give the Adult Webcomics Telethon some love, people. If you’re an artist, there’s still some time to contribute. You’ve got until the 21st, so get crackin’. Details on the front page of their site.

Speaking of telethons and donations, Rob Balder found a loophole (so to speak) in my Commissioned Essay offer for Red Cross that I haven’t thought of. He forwarded me his receipt for a $25 donation, and picked a topic. This, I gotta say, is a much better method than paypaling through me as a middleman. Regardless, the topic he chose is a writeup on one of his favorite relative unknowns, Big Fat Whale. So expect that soon.

Mike Stevens and Tyler McAndrew have each completed a 24 hour comic this past weekend. Technical issues (read: unreliable broadband connection) prevented me from reading Tyler’s comic, but I was fortunate enough to read Mike’s. Mike is one of my favorite grinders, and I especially enjoy his grinder drop-out assassination tribute comics. I mean, how many creators can say they’ve been eviscerated in comic form? But Mike’s 24 Hour Comic, Rescue?, is pretty damned impressive. What I’d really like to see Mike do with it is recreate it leisurely, taking his time, and perhaps fleshing out some of the art and dialogue more. What’s emanating from his comic is a great deal of potential, and a great story. Dash of color, some more legibly written dialogue, and some smoother line art, and he’s got himself a worthy work. But for a 24 Hour Comic, it’s of a very decent quality.

Speaking of the Daily Grind, participants have been dropping out at a much faster rate as of late. Eventually it will come to a point where a dozen participants will be updating at a constant rate, stalemating the contest for months (years?). From what I’m told, they’ll be starting a brand new grind on the anniversary of the day, and that means there will be two grinds running concurrently. I’m thinking of throwing my hat in the ring when the time comes.

Speaking of segues, I stumbled upon this new Bill Watterson interview. It’s a great read. And I think that’s about it for now. Next piece will be a review of Big Fat Whale.

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