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(From The Something Positive Movie)

Yes, yes. It’s been a while. I’ve plenty to write about but no time to do it in. After UberCon, I hope we’ll see a turnaround. By that I mean I’ll have to see what looms in the oncoming weeks. I suppose I could budget my time better, maybe affix myself to a schedule. But that might mean I’d have to stop playing Chrono Cross. Which… I have trouble doing once I fire it up.


Today I found what was possibly the most important thing to me as an individual so far this month as far as webcomics go. I’m talking about The Something Positive Movie, which has been linked from Randy’s main site.

As a film major and a webcomicker, I have a lot of feelings thrown into this thing. Firstly, I’m pissed. I wanted to be the first to do that. By that I mean adapt another person’s comic into a short film. Call it petty, call it egotistical, call it what you will. But alas, someone’s beaten me to the punch.

Secondly, I’m very interested in this piece. The strongest suit that this film has is a show of the crew’s love for Something Positive. They made sure to keep the dialogue as verbatim as possible, they treated the characters with love, and you can just feel the warmth coming from this thing. As a critic, I have to knock it down points for sound imbalance, dialogue delivery, and very basic camerawork. There’s a lot of things I would’ve done differently if I were directing it. Randy’s dialogue is indeed long-winded, so memorizing 10 seconds of line at a time for each line can be quite tricky, especially if you’re trying to get the words just right. The audio problems could just be because all I got to see was a highly compressed and digitized version of the film off their site. The lighting maybe also, but then again lights are fucking expensive. So I don’t exactly blame them.

Overall it’s a good amateur film. Can’t complain.

So I predict this will spark a new trend within webcomics. Fanfilms becoming a viable show of love for their favorite webcomics. And imagine if there was a festival for such a thing. If such a thing were to develop, you can be sure I’d make it a priority to get involved. And I’d have to wrangle in Brazleton, because hey: Movies are his thing. Carroll, too.

So unfortunately, I can’t be the first to adapt webcomics to short film. But damned if I’m not going to do it well.

Y’know. Once I can find some time to actually get something done. Tricky thing, that.

Oh right, the movie. Yes. Go see it. Enjoy it. And stay tuned. Because I’m certain a trend is starting here.

4 Responses to “Moviecomics?”

  1. Actually, this apparently isn’t the first webcomic fan-film. A lot of readers have emailed me about a Ctrl-Alt-Delete fan-film that was made. I couldn’t tell you much more about it, though… for once.

    – the long-winded one

  2. Rae says:

    Maybe this will serve as a needed call to action. No matter how many brilliant ideas you’ve ever had, they don’t mean much if you don’t act on them. Of course there’s always plenty of shit in the way, but that shouldn’t stop you from making significant progress on at least one long-term goal. I really do hope you’re working on SOMETHING nowadays. I haven’t heard a peep other than speculations on possible future glories. ….reminds me of this Diesel Sweeties.

  3. Blue says:

    Eh, I say give the man time. He’s working on wrapping up Hoojie Crew, which is going to be quite a task in and of itself. And he’s got a stable of Biscuiteers to wrangle, and he’s been cracking the whip at me diligently, working on getting me to finish with my redesign and get incorportated. Plus school and all that… I dunno. I’m a patient person. I think this will light a fire under ya, Phil, but I know this sorta thing is what you’ve been thinking about for a while now, isn’t it? ::smile::

    AND. I want to see me that Ctrl-Alt-Del film, too. I think it’s tough to transfer things from one media to another – let alone distill a continuous narrative into a short film (does one write something new, or lift an arc out of the series – and how well does this arc really represent the series it comes from?). And everyone will be expecting different things from the film and will be placing different levels of importance on each… yikes. ::shakes head:: I wouldn’t dare to do such things as a fan project: I’d want full creative permission and input from the author/creator. (but that is just me, of course)

    Kudos for the dedicated folks behind the SP movie – I am eager to see it!

  4. Phil Kahn says:

    Randy: You’re right about that one though, Randy. Perhaps we could say that this is the first creator-approved fanfilm. At any rate, I honestly don’t want to know more about the CTRL+ALT+DEL fanfilm. I’ve got pretty much the whole story anyhow.

    Rae: Yes, yes, Rae. I know. School is devouring the bulk of my energy, and when it comes to this or that, I’m going on the one my degree depends on. Annie’s pretty much hit it on the head, that’s all the stuff I’ve been involved with. Mainly overseeing BP and gearing up to do the conclusory Hoojie Crew 24 Hour Comic. After that’s done, I want to shift my attention to short film over webcomics for a while. It’s just what I want to do next.