National Hangover Writing Day


Whew. I can’t say I had that much fun on the internet since I was actually able to derive joy from MMORPGs. NaDruWriNi was a resounding success (as much as it could be, being what it is). So here’s a compilation of NaDruWriNi posts:

- Brittanie, whom we give credit to arranging this whole event, gives us drunken picture post along with an open letter to Dave Eggers.

- Dawn posted about donuts and delivers some commentary on writing for NaNoWriMo.

- Wednesday White writes about corruption. Sons of bitches.

- Leerie Smith streams consciousness with the best of them.

- Larry “McKenzee” Holderfield regales us with stories of his past.

- Meaghan Quinn needs to consolidate her up to the minute log of her NaDruWriNi celebration.

- Rosemary Spellman dabbles in the incomprehensible.

- Eric Burns touches the heart of every damned one of us who’s ever picked up the sticks and threw down on a console or arcade standup with that friend. That friend.

I hope you enjoyed my own post, as well as the fun little temporary retitling of the site. I’ll put things back to normal whenever I post next.

3 Responses to “National Hangover Writing Day”

  1. dawn says:

    Ah, too bad NaDruWriNi only happens (*officially*) but once a year! Perhaps today should be “Hair of the Dog that Bit Ya” day, although I don’t have any blasted desire to even look at a liquid other than coffee today. …

  2. Phil Kahn says:

    It should be a monthly event.

  3. william G says:

    For most artists, it’s daily.