Poop tags

(From Alien Loves Predator, by Bernie Hou)

I’m still fried from the convention, along with the last legs of finals, so I’m writing this while struggling to stay awake. Normally, I’d wait until I’m better rested, but this is only a simple snark. I think I can manage. Or like, die trying or something. So there’s a lot of things this strip does right, as a webcomic. Let’s go down the list.

1) Smart Poop Jokes: Poop jokes can be funny most the time, but when it’s funny because it’s poop, it seems tired to me. However, the buildup to the final punchline in this strip I feel was pulled off very well. Because just like implied violence, where the viewer imagines it in a far more gruesome way that can be explicitly shown, the implied poop has that effect. So good stuff.

2) Realistic Meta: Meta humor, without breaking fourth wall, is always a tricky prospect. Usually, an author will acknowledge itself in explicit detail to the point where the characters are aware that they are fictional and in a webcomic (I think Kris Straub might have done that once or twice). But in this scenario, we see the action figures holding action figures. Gold.

3) Accessability: We’re in a part of a story that relies on history between two characters and othersuch story that has happened already. However, the strip manages to maintain its humor, and its storyness, while the strip could still be funny to anyone with no prior knowledge of the strip. And when you’re doing a gag strip, that is crucial.

Kudos to Bernie for good work, as always.

I think I’ll pass out for a little while now.

(Also, you’ll notice the strip is tagged for “poop,” and clicking on it will show you there are a total of four strips that are also tagged for poop. The act of tagging for poop, itself, makes me laugh)

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